7 groups of people suffering from Religion

Religion can be a good thing but for most, it’s a parasite. A succubus slowly sucking the brain, the money and pleasure out of people’s life. Many class of people are suffering from religion and here I’ll list just 7 while I await a reply to my open letter to God.

1.) Suicide Bombers
Kill a few people, go to heaven and meet your 72 virgins. Dumb enough? Killing yourself or others in other to protect an Omni-everything God is the dumbest of all things humans can do. It’s absolutely a bad idea and one can only imagine the level of brainwashing it entails. I just can’t imagine!

Religious suicide bombers suffering from religion

2.) Religious Bigots
These are people who take it all word for word.  All they do is go to church and consume everything the man of God says. They will never think it twice or engage in critical reasoning. After all, Seun of Nairaland ain’t so wrong in his assertion that religious people are suffering 

3.) Ushers and Prayer Warriors
They don’t get the pay but yet they work and work all day.  Did I just say all day? Nights inclusive. People pray all day and nights just to chase some demons away

4.) Females
All religions reek of feminism. Male superiority is usually preached and women are supposed to submit to the will of men. It’s right to say male superiority starts with religion

5.) Gays
The people who have suffered most from religion are gays. They are always reminded of the Sodom and Gomorrah tragedy. In Islamic countries they are being battered and killed while in other countries they don’t fare any better.

6.) The Sick
Many are sick and instead of being taken to hospitals , they are redirected to churches where things get ugly. Not only the sick are victims of churches but women in labours who think giving birth in the hospital is more important or rewarding in a spiritual form

7.) Witches and Possessed
In most cases if not all, these are just psychological issues that could be treated in psych wards but they often suffer the most from clueless doctors. They are beaten, chained and condemned. Back in the muddle ages these people are mostly burnt.

These are the sects of people who have continuously suffered in the hands of religion.

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