The Motivational and Inspiring Story of Remi Shoyebo (4)

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Story Continued from Part 3. Check Part 2 here and part 1 here

“It was while I was home alone, and dwelling in my solitude, that one of my sisters mentioned the idea of doing something for myself. The opportunity came later in my church and I took it.” Remi said.

Remi Shoyebo inspirational story
Mr Remi Shoyebo

At the time, I was beginning to wonder what the precise correlation was between a conditioned man, and such a job as an events manager. I had a few ideas but I asked Remi anyway:
“How do you cope with a line of business that requires mobility?” I asked him.
Of course, I was quite concerned that this might hurt him but Remi chuckled and began to tell me about his amazing workers who were more like a family to him.

He reported that they worked with him as a team and this had made working more fun than stressful.

I must confess that speaking to Remi was like a perfect exposition to realize myself. I calculated that if Remi wanted a perfect excuse not to do anything, his condition gave him more than a thousand reasons to go for it; but rather than just sit back and do nothing, Remi found strength in believing in himself.
If one must progress in life, believing in oneself is definitely quintessential.

Remi’s personal life is the best aspect that can showcase how much he believed in himself. His confidence and mode of accentuating his diction especially is worthy of commendation.

“Are you married? “ I finally asked.

Oh you laughed? Remi also took that long laugh like he were at some Mr Bean Comedy Show. Apparently, he never expected that I would ask him that kind of question, so he said,
“I no even get babe, how many babes would wait?”

This time around, his reply gave me a feeling of mild irritation; I sincerely didn’t expect any pessimistic view from him, so I gave him a piece of my mind.
“The right lady would always locate you, it doesn’t have to be about the condition; it’s all about the affection and managing circumstances.”
I said. I somehow might have muttered the popular words, ‘LOVE CONQUERS ALL’ as well.

While we spoke extensively about leisure and personal matters, Remi chipped in the fact that he has had many nicknames but he was only going to tell me just one because it is the only one men knew him as.
He told me about a nickname that women called him as well but because I am not a lady, he wouldn’t spill.

I tried to cajole Remi but all he could let out was the common one amongst guys and that is, “Phat so.”
He also spoke about his numerous crushes and how confident he had been to make his feelings known to them.

Remi has a big sense of humour as he jokes around circumstances like he wasn’t in one himself. He believes that he has lived his life, void of worries and sometimes, this would make one wonder if he doesn’t have personal issues of his own.

The truth is that he just might have a few but he has imbibed the act of living above it….

To be continued…..

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