The Motivational and Inspiring Story of Remi Shoyebo

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Remi Shoyebo told me that he was born into a loving family with a brother and two sisters. His Dad is a renowned Lagos politician and his mum, a retired nurse. He is from Ogun state, but he resides in the surulere part of Lagos state. 
Throughout the time that he told me all these, I anxiously awaited the spice in his entire tale. I was curious about what readers probably would be curious about. I could feel the  eagerness in his voice too, as he began the narration of his major life events.

I asked, “What was growing up like?” 
He didn’t hesitate with an answer. He made me understand that he had the best of time growing up with his siblings, family and friends. He mentioned that I might not have met him if it were not for them. This, in a great deal, proved to a large extent the exceptional love which his family and friends showered on him. 

All through the period of time that we spoke, he consistently mentioned that the Nigerian society didn’t quite favour people in his condition. He grew up, having no other choice but to try to do something to make himself stand out.

Oluremi Shoyebo considered himself to be a fervent Christian who believes more in his faith rather than the reality of his condition. He told me that he doesn’t like to accept some peculiar things about himself. He only lived his life with so many ambition on his daily play of cards. 

While we spoke about his educational life and how easy it had been passing through school, Remi said, 
“I had my basic primary education and never did further. But most of my education as a person came from home.”
He paused for a while and I assumed that his childhood was playing clearly in his head.

I was keen on finding out the main reason why he couldn’t further but I have to admit that before then, I had a picture in my mind that it could be as a result of financial constraints or factors which might be unknown to me. He busted my bubbles when he said:

“Unlike the others, I was born with a condition, I couldn’t walk right from my childhood days and there were no schools that had ramps where a wheel chaired person could pass on. Apart from this, I was on the big side (fat) so it was kind of hard furthering in that condition.”

Later, I thought about what he told me and came up with this thought: If schools and institutions in Nigeria could have ramps in their environment, maybe Remi would have gotten his motivation to at least continue with his education.

The thoughts in my head were endless while he narrated the circumstances that revolved around his education, which hindered him from proceeding in some aspect of life. I had to agree with him that it must have been hard dealing with a kind of condition that made him look different from others. The society surely made noticing physical oddities a constant reality.

While I was pondering on this, Remi was quick to add that being in his condition didn’t mean that he totally gave up on education.
“I had an event planning training five years ago prior to which I had written my G. C. E. The first time that I did, I failed the exams but the second time was better and it just kept coming as the years rolled over…” He said. 

With this, I had reached a resolution in my mind that despite Remi’s condition, he was a die-hard who believed in making things better for himself. Many people out there today wouldn’t have done better if they were in his shoes but the society would have a major role to play, especially with the aspect of providing facilities that would motivate people with physical challenges to move on conveniently with their lives.

I would think about the society, the country, the government, individuals, and their reaction to people who are different. This was my fate now since I have met a man whose tale was only just beginning…. 

To be continued….

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