Becoming A Better You – Self Improvement Tips (4)

Self Improvement is a continuous step and that explains why I couldn’t put it all in one blog post and I decided to post my self improvement tips in episodes as I’ve learned from my experience, friend’s experience and from the plethora of books I’ve read as sharing knowledge and helping others to improve is a self improvement tip itself. 

continued from Self Improvement Tips #3 

Part One – Self Improvement Tips 1 

Part two – Self Improvement Tips 2

 Sense of Humor:

 A good sense of humor is as charming as a perfect cologne. Many men have successfully charmed their way out of trouble with an appealing sense of humor. A good sense of humor also relates to having a cheerful look, an inspiring outlook.

We all have issues, problems and that’s what makes us humans but a cheerful look is the best make up to mask that. I must say, not every one has a good sense of humor, not everyone is built to make others laugh but by moving in the right people you have a better sense of humor. Like i said like attracts like, humorous and cheerful  people attracts one another. 

Coping with failure is a great self improvement tip. Everybody hates discussions on failures. Who wants to fail anyways? But as we grow up in life we need to accept the fact that failure is part of the learning curve.

We’ve all failed at one thing or the other and we get back up and what we do with the lessons it taught us is what determines who and what lenght we will go in life. We will fail, we will fail again and we will fail better till we learn and make our way to be successful. The road is a rough one and that’s okay, we will see it through.

As a tennis player I can tell you Federer has lost more competitive games than me and that’s why he’s world number one and am here with no world ranking 😂

Growth over Pleasure 
That decision we all find difficult to make is choosing between growth and pleasure. Who doesn’t like the Epicurean school of thought? Who doesn’t look to be a hedonist? Humans are designed to love fun and we often tend to chose pleasure over more important things. I already discussed this under time management tips.

 People who have controlled their will of growth over pleasure are successful people today. They’ve learned to that it takes sheer will to make it and sacrifices must me make. Imagine the time Messi and Ronaldo have devoted into training to be the best instead of going to clubs. We see them today and call them talented, geniuses but in reality it’s hard work and the sacrifices they’ve made.

Stay hungry
We humans are Oliver Twists! It’s in our nature to want more. Government workers wants to earn more, politicians wants to steal more and even me the owner of wants more recognition and applause for my writing skills. I want more traffic, more page ranking and as Economists correctly put it, our wants are unlimited in a world of limited time and scarce resources.  

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Written by Alimi Taiwo Hassan for Wikeria

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