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“It started in 2002.” She repeated and let out the same alluring smile that drew me to her.

“I also think that it was the first week in September of the year.” She continued, carefully adjusting both legs that had begun to sway in different directions as a result of her lack of control over them.

If you had wanted to hear about a case of an heavy duty vehicle loosing its control and ramming into a car, or a motorcycle ramming into a bus, then you would be surprised to know that hers was not a case of an accident and neither that of affliction.


Oluwaseun lost her mobility as a result of a confused doctor’s misdiagnosis.

Yes, a misdiagnosis!

She had a little problem with her left ankle and couldn’t really control it well due to a foot drop and decided to complain to a medical doctor, like any wellbeing and health-concerned individual would. If Oluwaseun had known that making that single decision would cost her her mobility and her family, peaceful nights void of painful emotions, I guess she wouldn’t have walked into that private hospital on that fateful day in Lagos.

“The doctor from the private hospital said something about having tuberculosis of the spine and told me that few weeks of bed rest was the only major thing I needed, coupled with some drugs and injections.” She said, in a way that showed a woman that had done a great work fighting a battle without betraying her emotions.

Subsequently, Oluwaseun Ogundiya was placed on a week rest at the private hospital and then transferred to the General Hospital where this doctor worked for another six weeks.

She was immediately placed on some treatment at the hospital by the same doctor who further carried out some tests to affirm his ‘TB of the spine’ theory.

Are bed rests normal in the health sector? Yes! People even walk down to hospitals to request that they are placed on this rest for a period of time. But Oluwaeun’s bed rest was different; her ‘doctor’ ordered the nurses to put her legs on traction so she won’t be able to leave her bed or move the legs, and indeed, she wouldn’t be able to move those legs in a matter of YEARS to come….

To be continued….

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