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Meet Oluwaseun Ogundiya   Ogundiya Oluwaseun, a resilient beauty, was born in the early 80s as the last child to her parents. When I asked her, she merrily told me how she grew up with so much fun and happiness. I wished I could paint and immortalize the joy on her face as she narrated it all – her birth, her childhood, her growth – but unfortunately, I wasn’t blessed with such a gift. I could only hope that the world had enough imagination to fully picture the look on her face as she reminisced how beautiful those days were. It was the most cheerful I had ever seen.

Oluwaseun moved on her bed, stroked her new weave and said, “Growing up was real fun!!! I enjoyed being with two older sisters and a big brother that spanked me a whole lot for being naughty.”

She told me that she had dreams and aspirations like every other kid. She wanted to become a T.V anchor on her own show and it was funny how this dream helped her dwell more into the world of journalism during her days in secondary school. This resolve to be an OAP sprung out of her love for a T.V show that she watched on AIT in the early part of the second Millennium.

She attended D’alferd Nursery and Primary School, Ashi Bodija in Ibadan and then proceeded to Methodist Grammar School where she graduated in the year 2000.

I kept mute as Oluwaseun carefully described the early and formative years of her life as a quiet one owing to the fact that Mrs Ogundiya, her mother whom she proudly refers to as “Mama Seun”, was a very strict woman who wouldn’t take any unruly behaviour from her children, especially after the death of her husband in 1990.

So there it was, another news that she didn’t grow up with her father alive and around.

Perhaps you are beginning to wonder why I have not made any reference to her ‘seeming disability’? This is because the twist in her story didn’t come till 2002.

“Everything changed in 2002.” It was almost impossible to forget the tone of her voice as it slowly dropped a pitch at this point of her tale.

I felt my bones shiver with the thought of what was about to be narrated. Even before she continued her tale, I had a feeling I wasn’t going to be the same when she finished.

To be continued…

Compiled by: Maryam (Facebook link: Adeyeye Maryam Adedoyin)
Edited by: Noble (Facebook link: Eyinfunjowo Cool Kay)

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