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Ogunsewa Oluwaseun
Ogunsewa Oluwaseun

“My leg was on suspension from the first week in September till November before I started having a twitch in the leg muscles which prompted them to remove it and do another CT Scan.” The now determined beauty said and even her leg twitched in affirmation.

She told me that she was referred to the University College Hospital (UCH, Ibadan) afterwards to see a neurosurgeon and the legs had even by then gone numb.

Like excerpts from a 1960 intrigue movie, the events in Oluwaeun’s life moved in a scenic-like sequence: there were scans upon scans, and one assurance of mobility over another.

About three weeks later, Oluwaseun sat across the table facing the Neurosurgeon who told her the truth; a realization that changed her life forever.

She touched me and said, “I thought the doctor was joking when he said there was never a thing like “Tuberculosis” with me. I even laughed when he told me the doctor in Lagos had done me wrong by placing me on bed rest with my legs in a traction.”

One would expect an ocean of tears to follow this discovery but Oluwaseun said that she only looked at the Surgeon and said “Thanks Doctor, shit happens,” and with that, she was taken back home where she picked up her phone to call her ‘Lagos Doctor’ whose response will shock you to the marrow.

To be continued…. 

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