The Inspiring Story Of Oluwaseun Ogundiya (5)

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Ogundiya Oluwaseun Story
Ogundiya Oluwaseun

“‘Oluwaseun or what did you call yourself?’ His voice is still clear and strong in my ears.” Oluwaseun said.
Emotions were already beginning to overtake her strength.

“The Lagos Doctor told me that I was never his patient. He said he doesn’t know me!” She continued.
With tears already welling up in my eyes, I touched her and asked why someone would be that wicked.
“His answer is still a shock to me. He even told me not to call him again because according to him, we’ve never met and all I could muster my strength to say was that he won’t escape God’s wrath and I ended the call before crying myself to sleep,” Oluwaseun told me in an emotion laden voice.
Perhaps you are beginning to wonder what her life would have been like after the realization, then you need to see this:

“I didn’t tell my family what the surgeon said at first because I was silently trying to see if I could get answers to why it happened.” She resumed, after initially refusing to continue the interview because of the pains it caused her.

The Ogundiyas haven’t and might never be able to forget the circumstances surrounding the loss of Seun’s mobility. They still all silently wish that a miracle would happen and return their baby to perfect form.
When recounting what the experience was like, Oluwaseun said “It wasn’t funny when I finally told my mum. It was like a time bomb to her but she survived and is still surviving. I was confused and lonely; the situation was tearing my family apart because the pain was too much to bear, especially when they realized what the doctor told me in UCH….”
Oluwaseun then smiled and said, “but I survived it because their love was more than enough to keep me going. They had their own problems too but my safety and well-being was of utmost importance….” 
….For the concluding part of this story, join us on the next episode as we wrap up on this beauty’s success story and plans for her future.
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