The Inspiring Story of Oluwaseun Ogundiya

Many tales, good or bad, have always begun with a crossed path that two characters never foresaw or expected. For this particular tale, The T. E. Ch Team gives you the passionate voice of a woman who was surprisingly strengthened by another woman’s physical challenge.

Meet Oluwaseun Ogundiya
Oluwaseun Ogundiya 

This is her tale:

-The stories that touch; stories that inspire

Our paths crossed in the year 2012 at the Moremi Hall of Residence in Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife. She had just got admitted into the Faculty of Education and like every new student, she was allocated a bed space in the Hall.

I remember staring at her from the stairs and imagining the endless thoughts on her mind. She didn’t see me but what I discovered about her on that cool evening was a strength that reminded me of how lazy I’ve been.

She adjusted her heavy frame on the wheelchair in a way that suggested a readiness to cross the seeming hurdle ahead and I just kept staring, silently seeking forgiveness for being a whining soul about little issues that never really mattered.

 Alas, she was carried up the stairs by two of her friends that had brought her down to school and she happily chatted the way up, clearly oblivious of the clouds of pity on people’s faces, including mine.

The institution had been nice enough to allot her a lower bunk bed space. For years, I always remembered the daunting smile on her face as she slowly raised her almost inactive body to the soft sheets of her bed. This smile, I told myself, gracefully brought out the beauty and peace that I haven’t seen in ages. It was the same smile that drew me to her.

I needed to learn. I needed to understand the world through her eyes. I needed to see, if possible, the buried determination built on solid rocks in the deep end of her soul.

Four years later, I no longer wanted to know. I knew. And I have decided that I would share her story of survival and resilience. The world would hate me if I didn’t tell her tale.

Meet Oluwaseun Ogundiya and join us on a trip into her world….

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Compiled by: Maryam (Facebook link: Adeyeye Maryam Adedoyin)
Edited by: Noble (Facebook link: Eyinfunjowo Cool Kay)

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