7 reasons why being single is cool

We live in an age where being single is being looked upon like it’s a serious disease more like HIV, Ebola or Cancer but is it as bad as the society has made it look? For one, we can all agree that many people are single although while some are searching, some are not! While some are in a serious relationship, some are just passing time away.

be single and have reasons to free like a falcon
free like a bird

The new lifestyle that the society adopts now is that a girl or even a boy must be in a relationship. At 14 or 15 most girls or boys are under the illusion(or not) that they are already in a serious love courtship that is definitely ending in marriage only to find out that things are not the way it seems. So, they inevitably end up single.

For a human lifestyle, being single is something that is unavoidable at one point or the other and perhaps maybe it is not as bad as many see it which is the purpose of the blog. Talking from personal experience here, I will discuss and highlight few benefits of being single.

This goes to the women especially but it’s no doubt that men also want their independence in life. At least, many of us love to live our life knowing we can stay alone and have a good time at one point or the other in life without depending on one man or woman as the case may be. As you know, being single gives room, a lot of room for that.

Many men as well as women are already choked in relationships that they put themselves in. You can’t go out, you can’t visit this place, many can’t even take a call in privacy. Some men check more on their women more than they check their mailbox. Same goes for women that think their men is a purse that you carry around. This can drive humans nuts as it is our nature to seek out freedom and space wherever we may find it.

Love is sweet no doubt. Having someone in your life is great, no doubt but being free can be the most beautiful experience in life. The type we all need from time to time!

If you’re single, it is your best chance at freedom.

Self improvement
Self Improvement is a lifestyle that all of us must adopt. We just need to be better. We want to improve, we want to be a better version of who we are. It’s not something we do for a man/woman, no. It’s not something we want to do for another person but what we do for oneself.

It is easy to lose focus while in a relationship a luxury that you can avoid when single. You can work on yourself and leave a better lifestyle instead of trying to please a man. You can be a better you.  And when you do, it’s a magnet for the best people

Unhindered Friendship
It’s actually easy to make friends when you’re single than when you’re not. Females tends to lose friends when in a serious relationship and they often don’t make many especially if it’s related to the opposite sex. Moving or having fun in groups also become reduced as a result of it. You tend to devote your time to a single partner.

It(when single) is the best time to make new friends. It’s the best time to make multiple friends even if it’s of the opposite sex without a partner feeling cheated or jealous. Do i need to say more on the benefits of having friends?

You can explore the world alone. You can go to wherever you want and whenever you feel like going. You can visit any place you want without taking a permission or feeling you need an opinion or someone to go with.You can try new things like sports, lifestyle, religion, travelling and so on. Being single may just be the best thing for anyone who has a thing for exploration. You can see the world and find yourself in it.

Save yourself the heartbreak
We’ve all been there haven’t we? The occasional heartbreak, the guilt, the hurt and the pains. The free packages that relationship offers to us all. If you’re not ready or if you’re just healing from one, you better stay single till you are willing to commit yourself wholeheartedly to any man or woman.

At least, when single the fear of a break up or heartbreak, insecurity, jealousy is out of the equation.

Why share the love with someone when you can have it to yourself? One of the greatest love of all is the type that you can give to yourself. Loving oneself is a thing of joy. What’s better? You don’t need a man or woman as the case may be to show yourself real love. And sometimes, it is better to stay single till you find a serious and committed partner

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Written by Cynthia Aniston  for Wikeria

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