5 Working Life Hacks to Living a Happy Lifestyle

In my previous work titled You won’t be great and that’s okay I highlighted that one of the most important things if not the most important by far for us in this life is to be happy. Our happiness is something that can easily be controlled by us. Irrespective of the weather, our relationship status,our wealth level or any of the 149 factors that are not entirely in our hands we can decide and choose to be happy.

Why many have written articles on keys to happiness or why many will say steps to happiness or as many quotes will say, I disagree and will say that there’s no key to happiness as there’s no door blocking your entrance into a happy life. Moreover there are no metaphorical steps or hills for you to climb to be happy.

The choice to either be happy or sad is entirely in our own hands regardless of what our nature or nurture imposes on us. No matter the situation or condition, we can choose to be happy or sad.

As you will go through this article you can decide to frown and be sad or you smile, be happy and be joyful as you do so (sharing it to your social media won’t be a bad idea *winks*)

Without much ado, let me discuss 5 ways in other for you to be in charge of your happiness.

1.) Love Yourself

Self love is just too important. Like the rapper J. Cole said in Crooked Smile(off the Burn Sinner Album), Love yourself or nobody will.

Loving ourselves goes a long way in determining our happiness in life. While this might sound narcissistic to some, it is however a necessity or a must for us to love our self; you can only show love to others if you have it after all we can’t give what we don’t have. The biblical rule of loving neighbors as you love yourself still applies. Even if you are single, be happy and love yourself.

We need to forget our shortcomings: inability to land a job, not having the perfect body shape, not getting a promotion, not having a dream mansion or any of the 149 pointless (or maybe not) things we want in life. We can’t have it all however we choose to be happy.

2.) Be Good

To be good to others generates a positive vibe, a positive energy that flows in all directions . It helps us as much as it helps the people we are good to.

We will often get back what we do for others. See, to be good ensures that we also receive kindness back. For a Muslim, zakat is a must and it has spiritual implications and same goes for many religions. Even atheist will attest to the fact that doing good reverberates back to the doer.

Anyone who does good will feel a sense of accomplishment and will be happy for such a good deed.

3.) Always Forgive

People will offend us in life and so will we offend others. However, it is your choice and yours alone whether to carry the grudge in your heart for years or for months or forever and you can as well decide to just forgive and maybe with time you will forget.

From my own experience, not forgiving people is more painful and detrimental to our own happiness. It’s like committing a self-harm to our own souls. If forgiving others will make you happy, why not?

4.) Harm No one

Unless you’re a ‘Hitler’,  an ‘Idiamin’ or any of the soulless people that have crossed the earth, harming others is nothing of joy. It is nothing good to harm our fellow humans and it won’t add to our joy it can only add to our nightmares as many soldiers have experienced this.

Harming people is a dangerous thing that can impair us negatively and can also breeds hatred from others or a act of revenge. I’ll say it’s much easier to be good ,to help people and to be nice than to cause harm.

If you don’t want people to block your happiness, don’t block theirs!

5.) Be positive

Positive-minded people have been shown by many research to be happier in life. Replacing negative thoughts and to be optimistic in life is a good way for us to be happy. An d then again, get away from negative people.

Written by Cynthia Aniston for Wikeria



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