The 7 kinds of Smart by Thomas Armstrong

Humans are different. We all exhibit one or more characteristics that sets us apart from others. Something that differentiates us from other people. It is important that we know this and that we know the special kind of people we are as we are all unique in our own ways.  

According to Thomas Armstrong, they are 7 different kinds of intelligence exhibited by humans. I will list them here with notable examples

7 different kinds of smart

  • Linguistic Intelligence
It’s no-brainer that some people are born speakers. They have great use of words, can argue, entertain, instruct and are good writers. They make good lawyers, great novelists, good orators, motivational speakers and so on.  Notable examples include Barack Obama, Morgan Freeman, John F. Kennedy just to mention a few.  

  • Logic-mathematical intelligence
See the world clearly in terms of numbers and logic. They understand cause and effect they apply and fully understands how nature works. They can reason well, create unique hypotheses and see numerical patterns like no one else could.
Physicists like Albert Einstein,  Sir Isaac Newton and so on have great Logic-mathematical intelligence. They see the world like no one else could. They make the best scientists. 

  • Spatial Intelligence
They perceive the world in visual prospects. They see images and other visuals in ways no one else can. They see things in a unique thre-dimensional space and can often draw and sketch out their ideas
Examples includes  Picasso Pablo, Leonardo Da Vinci and so on. 

  • Musical Intelligence
These people can perceive and appreciate rhythms and melodies like no one else could. They seem to be in sync and in tune with the universe through melodies. Everything is a musical note to them. These people are also great composers of music.
Example, Beethoven, Sebastian Bach

  • Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence
Even seen a ballet dancer? It often seems as if they have absolute control of all their body parts. They can go to boundaries most of us can’t near with their bodies. In simple terms they are at peace with their body.
Not just with ballerinas, if you’ve ever seen a tennis match with Federer, you will appreciate movement with grace across the court. He moves around effortlessly, people like this displays kinesthetic intelligence. 
Other examples includes Micheal Jordan, Messi etc

  • Interpersonal Intelligence 
People with interpersonal intelligence possess high emotional intelligence quotient. They make good leaders e.g Ronald Reagan, Mother Teresa, they often understands people’s moods, temperaments, intentions and they know the desires of others. They can effectively work with others through the unique understanding of humans emotions.   It’s a great ability to have

  • Intrapersonal intelligence
While interpersonal intelligence deals with understanding people’s emotions, interpersonal intelligence entails understanding one’s inner self. They have the ability to reach to their inner self. They are introspective, understand their own feelings and most importantly are capable of deep spiritual and intellectual thought. E.g John Wesley, Marilyn Monroe

Something makes us unique, most of us blend strengths and weakness in any of these areas and it’s imperative that we discover our true self and how we differ from others. It is through this that we can tap in to our inner abilities and makes the best use of them. 

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Written by Alimi Taiwo Hassan for Wikeria
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