The 3 Best Video Players On Android

Yaaay! We all love to watch movies on our mobile devices don’t we? One of the apps we rush down to playstore to get. Even when our stock operating systems comes with one we feel like getting one or two other media players. Well, if you’re like me, then you’re in the right place. 

VLC is one of the most common video players on windows and it also made it’s way to mobile systems. while is one of my best on windows, it is nowhere near that level here. In fact am listing it as a convenience because many people are aware of the app and it’s what most people download first. In short, it’s popular.

 VLC doesn’t have much features but it does the easy things well, it plays all kind of media formats (something VlC is well renowned for) , it is light, free and easy to use. 

VLC Media Player on android Screenshot
VLC Screenshot

Dice Player

Dice player is my favorite media player on android. While have used MX, VLC, GOM just to mention a very few players excels in all areas like Dice player. 
For one, it is absolutely free. No pro version, no ads at all and you get great features on the app. Unlike many apps that realises annoying upgrades with bugs every week Dice is different. Upgrades don’t come every now and them and the app version is very stable. 

The app also supports subtitles and subtitle syncing . But the feature i love best on Dice player is fact that it can minimize and play. Many players can do it but Dice delivers best. Others like Mobo player, BS, GOM consume lots of rams which makes multitasking and minimizing a headache which is where Dice excels most, it’s RAM consumption is low. 

The best media player for me and definitely one of my top 10 best apps on android. 

Dice player on android screenshot
Dice Player

MX Player
MX player was the best media player for me, that seems like a decade ago. Annoying ads, frequent updates and bugs killed the app for me but it is still one of the best apps out there. 
MX has lots of features, you can watch videos online, stream fluidly, download subtitles for your videos, works on all android platforms and suitable for any video of any resolution. It plays all formats and of any size or resolution. 
There is a pro version available and i believe the bugs on the app will be treated in subsequent updates. 

MX player on Android Screenshot

Is there any app I missed out? Drop your comments. 

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Written by Alimi Taiwo Hassan for Wikeria
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