Blogger vs WordPress : 6 reasons to Change to Blogger

For web bloggers, it’s often difficult to choose between blogger and WordPress. To be fair on them both, they are both titans in the blogging business and have both created a great niche for themselves.

Well, the purpose of this blog article is not to gloat on how successful the two rivals have become but rather to discuss why blogger is a better choice for bloggers.

Blogger Vs WordPress
Blogger Vs WordPress

I will like to start by doing a small introduction just for starters to understand the two better.

Blogger is a blog-publishing service that was developed by pyra labs. However, google inc. bought them in 2003. Blogs by bloggers are hosted by google.

WordPress on the other hand is a free and open source management system. For web hosting, both Blogger and WordPress are much alike.

Now, i will examine 5 good reasons reasons to make blogger your choice

1.) Easy Sign up :

 Signing up for blogspot(blogger) account and creating a blogspot account is just too easy. In fact, the only requirement is to have a gmail account account (gmail is also owned by google)  and it’s an account most people already use. To open a blogspot, all you need is) gmail and you can start up in few minutes unlike it’s counterpart, the WordPress where you will still need additional sign up.

2.) Easy for Starters :

 For starters, WordPress can be a bit difficult although i must confess, it has it’s own advantages being more ‘customizeable’ than blogger. However, it is not easy for first timers/beginners. Blogger offers a simple interface that is very easy to use.

3.) Google-owned :

 Being owned by google has it’s own advantage , in fact advantages. First of all, google inc. also owns the search service, google. Google is the number one search engine in the world! Indexing a site can take time, but if it’s on a blogger already owned by google, what do you expect? Which one will be indexed first? Blogger or WordPress? I’ll let you be the Judge (smiles)

4.) Easy management of Multiple accounts: 

Managing multiple blogging account is easier with blogger. Blogger is the best when it comes to operating many blogs in the same place. In fact, you can easily open as many blogs as possible on blogger and all is controlled with the same google account

5.) Adsense :

When it comes to monetizing your blog, Adsense comes to mind. In case you don’t know, adsense is also owned by google! Again, registering for adsense is easier with a google account (the one previously used for blogger). This explains why it is the best choice and not only that, you can expect a quick response from google compared to when you’re using a WordPress account .

6.) Sharing and networking :

Google also owns google+ which is a social network site that is well integrated with blogger. Sharing can be automatic if you choose the option. If not all you need is a simple click. Google+ is fast growing with many users already so when you share on google+ you can be rest assured that you will reach many users.

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Written by Alimi Taiwo Hassan for Wikeria

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