A soliloquy on art of staying committed in Relationships

One problem you’ll find in our community of late is committed fellows. Maybe commitment to work, to family or let’s say commitment to a woman. Many people find their work boring and exhausting and there is no zeal in it for them, they are just there as a matter of necessity while keeping their options open looking for another job but getting another job never solves the problem. It starts another. The same problem happens with families, most men don’t have time for their families, they see families as a burden.

couples holding haands staying committed in a relationship
In the first paragraph lies a few of the problem we face in our society but that’s not what the post is about, I want to streamline this to the issue of commitment in relationships which is by far one of the greatest problems our society is facing. Right from teenagers to married couples, it cut across all ages. 
One question people often ask is,… ‘how do I  stay committed in a relationship?’
For no obvious reasons people get bored, fall out of love in a relationship. Many often find comfort elsewhere in another man’s (or woman’s) arms. It seems like the problem is more common among men than in the opposite sex for the obvious reasons. 
For one, polygamy have the support of the society and.some religions (e.g Islam) while multiple dating (for men) is widely accepted in most communities 
Another reason being that women are mostly monogamous in nature (at least more than men), polyandry is widely rejected as opposed to polygamy. In most societal settings adultery by men is often treated as no crime while a woman guilty of the same offense can lose her life and often will lose her dignity. In fact, teenagers (male) often brag about having multiple sex partners while men see having multiple woman as a sign of affluence. In many Yoruba states, the word ‘oluku’ refers to a woman a married man adulterates with. 
In our modern society, one thing is clear, we are in a dire need of a paradigm shift. Even Christ came to review some laws on adultery like in the case of the woman who was about to be stoned in the bible. Am not trying to sound like a woman right activist but I think men should also have the same punishment and societal outlook on fornication and adultery.  
Has this problem be solved? Of course not. Can it be solved? Maybe. I’m not providing any solution to this. Instead, I want this post to invoke comments that can serve as possible solutions to our relationship  problems in this world. 
Let me hear your thoughts in comments. 


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