You won’t be great in life. Well, that’s Okay

Well, you won’t be great in life and that’s okay. You won’t be the richest man in the world and that’s okay. You won’t be the next Barack Obama and that’s okay. You won’t be the next big thing on TV, you won’t be Kim or Carpio and that’s okay. You love football? You won’t be the next Messi or the next Ronaldo but that’s still okay.

Ben Carson, a top Neurosurgeon in the world
Ben Carson, A top Neurosurgeon in the world

As a parent, the paragraph above seems like a wicked and terrible thing to tell our kids or perhaps to tell yourself but it’s the horrible truth. They/We want to be the best and that’s normal after all what we advise them to do is to dream big in life. It’s common to see kids say they want to be Ronaldo, Federer and Ben Carson which is almost impossible to be. Even if you’re the best in Football, you can’t possibly hold medals or the number one spot in Tennis and still be the best neurosurgeon in the world.
Let me be clear, it’s every parents dream to see their kids excel in any field in life but what we all fail to realize is that being successful in life is not just down to hard work, it is dependent on over 149 variables that are not determined by us. Chance and luck are variables that we don’t have much control on.
Telling a young kid they can be anything they want to be seems like the best thing in life to do, the sky is your starting point we say. But we all know that’s not always true, most of our kids will be average in life and that’s not as bad as we think it is. Telling kids they can be anything they want can mess up with their psyche when they grow up and realize that life is not so easy.
We need to prepare our kids for what the world is, when they dream of becoming the next big thing and reality hits them in the face, they often become depressed thinking of themselves as failures. This is not what we want, we need to learn how to be happy with who we are. 
Do you want to be happy? Then we need to be happy with our place in life. Everyone won’t be the next president and that’s okay because you don’t need to be in other to be happy. Maybe our goal or the most important thing in life is not to be the next Jesus or the next Mohammad(SAW) maybe it is the simple things like good health and happiness that matters most in life. Are you having a rough time? Not living in the mansion you want? Relax you are alone just BE HAPPY.
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