How to Deal With Spam Emails

Our Electronic mails be it Yahoomail, Gmail, or any other mails out there all suffer from an infectious and recurring disease. It has one simple name and it happens to the best of us. Simply put, they are called Spam emails.

Spam emails are terrible thing to have on our emails, they spread like viruses and often more annoying. Imagine opening your email box only to see 1278 messages unread ninety percent of which are spam emails.

a sample screenshot of spam emails on gmail
A screenshot sample of spam email

Furthermore, the type of emails we often receive are of no value to us. Some are even on explicit contents, porns, unrelated news, product adverts that we are not interested in.

Not to divert attention from the topic of the blog, i will like to share tips on how to reduce and ultimately curb spam emails

-Spend time to delete them : I know it’s time consuming and annoying but most times all we have to do is to spend time to weed the spam emails to trash can or spam folders. However, this won’t stop the next spam emails from entering your box

Unsubscribe : Most often, the reason why people receive annoying email messages is that they have subscribed to some email channels in the past. When you see the unwanted emails, go to the bottom of the page, search for ‘manage subscriptions ‘ or ‘Unsubscribe ‘
 This will do the magic and future mails won’t be delivered to you

Abstain : Stop giving your emails everywhere. Especially on some websites. This is risky. At best some of them will. Send you spam emails while some can take it to fraudulent levels.

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