An Open Letter to God

Dear God,

a letter to God
A letter to God

Fuel is at N250, there is no light and heat is extreme. I wake up at night in a pool of my own sweat as if I am still bed-wetting . If i go out, mosquitoes await my fresh blood. In short, things are terrible.

God, is it not high time you answered us? Must we suffer more? Is 56 years of serious suffering not enough ? When will you pick our call?

I know my rhetorics will probably get no reply from you but i will strongly advise you to answer us now. Some of our youths are now running out of patience.

But please, I have a question, what’s our crime? We’ve abandoned our own African Traditional Religion and we opted for Abrahamic religions viz Christianity and Islam, we have prominent men of God in both areas, we now have more churches and mosques than shrines. We’ve lost our own ways to follow you but it seems you don’t even have our interest in mind. Why?

We know you like the Israelites more, they are your beloved but i can tell you we’re more religious than them now. We pray and pray, we asked for a leader to help us even though it seems like we voted them in but we know nothing happens without your hand in it. After all, you’re the master planner, the same you gave us Babangida, you removed him. You gave us Abacha and thanks you he’s no more and for that we’re still grateful but let’s be sincere, our country is no better. We are regretting and regressing!

Yes, many will say we are hypocrites, sinners, and so on but are the Israelites you  much loved and delivered any better?
Let’s look at countries that are not as into you as we are. I mean China, India, Sweden, and so on, they are all doing better. Why are we still like this?

Slowly slowly, we are becoming the biblical Thomas, our belief is shaking and we are having doubts. It’s  almost as if you’re not listening at all, or perhaps you don’t have our pity. How long will we continue like this?

Our politicians are living the good life, even our clergies are living the good life while common citizens pray day and night for miracles that is not forthcoming! Even religion seems more like a curse than a blessing now. A look at bokoharam is a proof of that. Should we abandon you and go back to our roots – the African Traditional Religion?

Poor electricity ,fuel is scarce and expensive, dollar is expensive, and things are terrible especially in a country where everything is imported, even religion! If we are to stop importation, should religion be the first we ban?

Atheists are mocking us, Americans are mocking us, Asians are mocking us, and maybe our forefathers are even laughing at us for abandoning our own ways.
God, will this not be the perfect time to answer us?

                                                                                                                             Yours in doubt,
                                                                                                                        Alimi Taiwo Hassan


  1. GOD April 1, 2016
  2. Alimi Taiwo Hassan April 1, 2016

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