5 Tips to apply flawless makeup in Flash

applying a flawless make up

Have you ever taken a hard look at all of these magazines and red carpet events and just stop and think to yourself how it is even remotely possible for these women (and men) to look that good under those flashing lights? I can’t even walk into a room with harsh fluorescent lighting and come out feeling good about myself. But I’m here to tell you a little secret; they don’t wake up looking like that. They have teams that are in charge of making them look flawless under the spotlight. I will be talking about some insider tips and tricks from the pros to getting flawless makeup just like the stars.

 Avoid getting a white cast
Have you ever been so pumped up for a girl’s night out on the town, you have a great outfit on and you feel like your makeup is so on point but the very next day you’re peacefully browsing through the pictures from last night and you suddenly realize that you look like a literal ghost. In most cases only your face is ghostly white and the rest of your body is a normal color which honestly just makes it worst. This phenomenon is called a “white cast.” This usually occurs when the foundation you are using has SPF in it. The titanium dioxide in the SPF causes the white cast. For nights out just remember to use a non-SPF foundation to avoid this from occurring.

Use HD powder.
HD makeup stands for high definition makeup. I’m pretty sure that some of your favorite celebrities are rocking these makeup products during red carpet season. These powders were originally advertised in such a way that they would be perfect for use during photo shoots since once you dust it on your face it elevates the texture of your skin. HD powder is great fro setting your foundation making it look matte but natural at the same time.

No matter what your skin issues are, you could have acne, dry skin or even skin pigmentation disorder; there is no reason for you to become a shrinking violet once a camera is pointed at you. Flash photography is not your enemy. All need is a couple of tricks and the right products to use and you will slowly become more and more confident under the spot light. Before you know it you’ll be rocking photographs just like your favorite Hollywood star. Get ready for the lights, camera and action!

Apply a highlight
You probably already know all about highlighting your face. But there is a new phenomenon sweeping beauty vlogs and it’s called strobing. Strobing is a great way to highlight your features and at the same time combat a dull complexion. You essentially use either a powder or cream highlight to highlight the inner portion of your eyes, brow bone, the bridge of your nose, cheekbones and cupid’s bow of your lips. It brings out and highlights the high points of your face. Don’t forget to blend it out afterward to make it look more natural.

Use a primer.
  Pore-less skin, whatever the season will always be in and will be considered an eternal beauty trend. How do you get this look you may ask? Find yourself a great primer. You apply primers before your foundation. It creates the perfect canvas for you. These not only minimize your pores, but they also prevent your foundation from settling into your fines lines. Some of these are even formulated to act as an effective oil control.

BB cream.
On days or events that you are outside, it is safe to use now any product with SPF in it since there will no longer be any white cast as a result of the camera flash. This way you can protect your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays which can lead to photoaging. I would advise you to switch out your tinted moisturizer instead of a great BB cream. These creams not only make for a good base product but they also usually contain SPF and can nourish your skin while correcting any discoloration you may have.
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