What our Mobile devices have replaced In Modern Technology

We live in a world dominated by handheld devices that we carry around. From homes to offices, from bathrooms to bedrooms, the importance of a handheld device cannot be overstated.

The mobile device has replaced a plethora of gadgets in our daily lives so much that when people says we are addicted to our phones, it’s not our fault as it has replaced over 10 gadgets for us. In other words, holding your phone is like holding ten devices at a time.

1.) Camera : This is one thing i do most with my phone, i take pictures a lot and i don’t have to carry my camera around. Mobile devices are really good for taking selfies and some devices now have cameras that can rival those present in digital cameras

2.) Computer : Equipped with great processors on a miniaturized scale our phones can do nearly all the work a computer can do. And the good side is that we can actually carry them around serving as a computer on the go. We can print, type and even run our flash drives using OTG cables. (Usb on the go) . With OTG-enabled phones, even game pads are supported.

3.) Scanner : Who carries a scanner around nowadays? Our phones camera can take good scan of any document in JPEG format and there are programs that can scan documents in PDF and if you need to print the documents ASAP you can also do that

4.) Notes : With programs like google keep, color note(my favorite) evernote only to mention a few, taking notes is such an easy task.
In fact, i am writing this blog using my mobile device . This way i can write at any time in any place whenever i feel inspired and i can post directly on the internet.

5.) Organiser : I look back at the years when men carry an organiser around but not again.  Electronic organisers are the new thing. Many programs are built for this purpose. Programs like google keep, evernote and other inbuilt apps can serve as a workstation and help to serve you the same way any organizer would. With notifications on the go they seem to be the best option.

6.) Music/Media : Nearly everybody listens to music with their phone. More so, movies can be seen using our handheld devices. My first system has an inbuilt storage of 55gb but now some devices have more than that just for media storage. Aside from playing through headphones we can connect them to external loud speakers and have a party

7.) Radio : Radios are now part of a mobile device and for mobile devices that lack the feature online radios like Tunein works well. Even cheap phones come with radios and for those with good internet, online radios do the job better. You can listen to radio stations from other continent at real time.

8.) Television : Sybla, Mobdro, WSS, Mobi Kora
are just many of the apps that allows us watch televisions on mobile devices.

9.) E – Reader : We all read news on our phones and there are many books available as Ebooks. http://www.wikeria.org/2016/06/top-10-best-apps-on-my-android-device.html

10.) GPS : location service and GPS are just one of the things our devices can do. What more, we can also locate people, restaurants, mosques and many other things with our phones using GPS and maps. Our phones are also equipped with good compasses which we can also use in navigation

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Are we addicted to our phones? It seems like we have every right to be!


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