Top 7 myths about breast

The breast organ has been an obsession for both men and women over the years, however many myths are associated with the organ. I will discuss of which are profound.

Only women have breast cancer – Well, this is completely wrong as it has been shown in many cases that men can suffer from breast cancer.
In 2015 alone, over 2000 men were diagnosed with breast cancer

More weight, larger breast – Well, this can be true as breast is made of fat. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will be in all cases

Wearing bra overnight Causes Cancer –
This is wrong! Apart from feeling some discomfort for those not used to it, wearing breast overnight is harmless

Push Ups can uplift the Breast –
 Doing push ups can strengthen the chest muscles, make them bigger but for the breast itself, push ups won’t do much

Breast growth stops at puberty : This is way too wrong, the size of a woman’s breast will continue to grow or change through the cause of her lifetime. It will continuously change in size. Factors like pregnancy, diet, weight can affect breast size

All men love big breast – Hell No! At least not for me 😂

All breast should be of the same size –
 Hahahah, I’ve seen enough breast to know this is not the case and there is no scientific justification for this

Bigger Breast More Discomfort –
From what I’ve heard from many ladies, it’s really hard to find comfort in a big and heavy breast but that’s not if you have sufficient weight to carry it.

what more myths have i failed to add? Drop your comments

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