The case for tattoos

Lionel Messi tattoo
Lionel Messi Tattoo

I was watching a tv program with grandmum, a christian program of a pastor preaching on salvation. It was an interesting sermon , as usual the pastor was well dressed in a fitting suit but there was a glitch, at least for my grandma. Why? He had a wrist tattoo.

So my grandma voiced her concern for the tattoo to me which lead to a discussion between us . A discussion which motivated me into writing this article on tattoo.
To begin with, let me define what a tattoo is (well, for formality sake 😂). A tattoo is a deliberate, coloured design on the dermis of our skin with the use of an indelible ink.
My granny is strongly prejudiced on the tattoo thing and her reasons are reasonable enough. In Africa and most continents, tattoos are mostly for teens on dangerous cult members, even in Europe and America tattoos can have occultic and sometimes have serious implications.

 For example, the infamous blood gang often draw tattoos of tear drops to signify the amount of other gang members they’ve killed. Yakuza members often have numerous tattoos signifying one thing or the other especially to recognise members or to serve as medals or to show rank. 

In Nigeria, popular notorious cults like ‘Aye’ , ‘Eye’, ‘Black bra’ and so on do have tattoos like Skull 💀, gun 🔫,  axe to identify their members or to show rank. In lieu of this, my granny came to a conclusion that tattoos are for bad people. To her, Tattoo relates with notoriety and nothing good. Well, she came close to being right only that her assumptions are not same for all tattoos . 

People get tattoos for myriads of reasons which can later be regretted
In many organizations, it’s a mark of membership to identify members of group which doesn’t necessary mean a cult group. 
In Nigeria, tattoos are nothing new. In fact, what many of us aren’t aware of is that tattoos are just fading in Africa. I’ve seen many old women with tattoo inscriptions on their skins. For some, names were written, i mean their names or the names of their compound serving as an identity marker. For some it bears slangs or some funny inscriptions like Obo, a Yoruba word which  translates to pussy in English. 
Tattoos for many is just to beautify the skin. Clever and beautiful tattoos are such a beautiful sight on skins thanks to improving technology, many kinds of tattoos are available. What’s not possible few years ago is not possible. 
Some people often tattoo dates, images of something so important to them. David Beckham, the famous English footballer has a tattoo of his kid on his body. Ain’t that cool? 
People have tattoos for personal reasons like a woman drawing a tattoo of his wife/lovers, or son (like David Beckhams case), or to remember anything important , even a dog!
There are many reasons have not covered here that are good enough reasons to have tattoo and it doesn’t make you a bad person just that in Nigeria, and other parts of the world it’s often seen as a mark of irresponsibility or notoriety whereas, it’s not so.
Do you have a tattoo? Do you plan to have one? Write a comment and let’s talk. Share this if you love it. 
Thanks for reading. 
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Written by Alimi Taiwo Hassan for Wikeria
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