How To Be a Better Person – Self improvement Tips (1)

I’d like to believe self improvement is one aspect of life every man cherishes. Every man aspires to get better than the man we were yesterday. So important is self improvement that we created a column for it here ahead of many topics. There are many books have read on self improvement (which i will still discuss later on, another post maybe) and they’ve helped me. I will try and share some of my experience and how it can help you to be a better man

How to be a better you

  • Read

It’s not a news anymore that readers are leaders. Reading is just too important as humans. imagine the wealth of information that can be accessed through reading? Books are available on nearly every topic and walk of human life. So much to learn, so much we can learn through reading. I love reading, it’s what makes a man. Try and read more. It will make you a better person
You can try books like

  1. Importance of being Lazy by Al Gini
  2. Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert K. 
  3. Why it’s Hard to be Good by Al Gini
  4. The Richest man in Babylon
  5. Starting Over by Bob Gas
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  • Learn a new language

Learning a new language can be difficult but so is life. Learning a new language can be very interesting, and challenging for anyone. In learning a new language, it’s important to pick something that’s nice and marketable ,for example you can try learning Spanish, Arabic, French, Chinese and German.

  1. Spanish is great, sweet accent, and spoken in many countries. And it’s easier to learn than Chinese and Arabic.
  2. Arabic is the language of heaven( religious sentiments ☺), it’s weird kind of but spoken in many countries. In fact, one of the widely if not the most popular language in Africa, and widely popular elsewhere
  3. French: I am learning this. In fact, I’ve been learning this for a while now. It’s a beautiful language with a cool accent. Widely spoken. There are more francophone countries in Africa than Anglophone countries
  4. Chinese: one sixth of the words population speaks this language. The reason being because of the Chinese population. But that’s not the only reason to learn Chinese language, it’s also more of a business language. Many people travel to China to buy one product or the other as their economy is fast growing and China seems to produce everything you can think of.
Learn a new language, it helps to develop our brain.

  • New hobby

Finding a new hobby is like finding true love all over again. And you know what? It’s not age dependent. I found love in Tennis when i was over twenty years of age during my service year. And i have seen men who started playing at over 50 years of age. So it is not to early to find a new hobby or too old to do so. Life should be fun. Hobby gives you that and it gives you a new perspective on life. Another hobby i love late is blogging. There are lots of hobbies there like.

  1. Tennis and other sports :Tennis, hockey, skating are just a few sports that are common but not popularly played in Nigeria. Why not give many of them a try? Exercise is good and finding a hobby can help reduce work stress.
  2. Gardening : Gardening is so natural. It’s like connecting with nature itself. What can be more beautiful than that? What more? Gardening has been shown to reduce stress and it’s a beneficial exercise. If you are gardening you’re saving our world. So, thanks.
  3. Reading and Writing : i have already discussed reading. Writing is just as good as reading, if you have an idea, share it with the world. You can also blog for us here.
There are more hobbies out there.

  • Acquiring skills

If you can do one thing, good. Everybody is an expert or has an idea somewhere. What will set you apart and above others in this world is how much you’re willing to learn. learning new skills is like making yourself become a better man. Many of my friends learnt tailoring, hairdressing after getting a degree in the university. Acquiring a new skill is a nice way to become someone better.
You can better yourself by learning skills in

  1. Tailoring: Even if you won’t be the next big thing in the world, tailoring is a great way skill to acquire. You can be an entrepreneur or just work from your home to make clothes for people and get paid. As a woman or man, you can also help your kids in the future .
  2. Coaching : if you’re already good at a sport, learn how to coach people. It’s refreshing. As a tennis player am learning how to do this, and it’s interesting. I believe it’s the same for other sports.
  3. Blogging : Meet the world through your blogs. Meet people, share your views and learn some web designing if possible. What’s better than learning something new? Many of these can be turned into profitable busineses

    • Exercise
Exercise is one thing i always encourage people to do. Unfortunately in my country (Nigeria) people only exercise when it’s recommended by a doctor or when they find themselves too fat. All over the word you’re more likely to see to see fit people exercising more than unfit people. However, what most people don’t realise is that exercise gives more than reducing our fat component.
  • It improves blood circulation
  • It enhances good breathing
  • It detoxifies the body
  • Strengthens our body
  • Reduces stress
Just to mention a few.

Exercise doesn’t have to involve registering at a gym or paying heavily like we are made to believe. You can follow these tips

  1. Workout from home : Skipping, squatting, push ups are simple exercise you can try at home. You will be fit.
  2. Sports : Hobbies in sport is a good way to exercise. You will be doing what you love and still having the advantage of a good workout.
  3. Aerobics : Aerobics are lovely exercise. I like the exercise and love the music also. Find a pro, join a group and you will love it.

Fitness Issues have become a major problem in rural and urban areas so much I had to write a blog on it.

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