Top 10 Whatsapp Tricks and Tips

  Whatsapp is one of the best messengers out there. But there are a lot of tricks and tips that can make your experience on it better and that’s what this blog is all about it.
1.) Backing up and Restoring Messages
Are you just logging in to Whatsapp for the first time? If so, this first tip is not for you! However, if you’re switching from a Whatsapp number to another or from an old phone to another phone, restoring your previously backed up messages will come in handy. It is one feature i use too often as i tend to change devices a lot.
The good thing is this Whatsapp always back up our messages just restore it and it is simple to do this. You can restore by going to Menu-, Settings – Chats and calls. From there you will see chat backups after which you can select from the many options on where to backup to or whether you want to restore. 
2.) Auto downloading images
Many a times, we have our Whatsapp downloading all sorts of pictures, a way to solve this is to set your Whatsapp auto download off. Do this and the only messages you will have are those. Go to media and calls, select media auto downloads and select the settings you want. You need to do this. 
3.) Disabling Double ticks
Double blue ticks have caused more damages than it has solved. It can cost people their relationship as sometimes we read messages but due to a reason or that we are unable to reply them on time. The blue double  ticks however indicates to the sender that we’ve received this message. Disabling this can help solve this problem. Go to settings, privacy on whatsapp. 
4.) Using your full pictures: You have a good picture but due to the resolution of it you can’t set the whole picture as your dp. Don’t worry, photogrid app will do that for you. Just download photogrid from playstore and input your picture, it will do the rest for you. Easy!
5.) Online and Last seen status: One thing i have about whatsapp is the fact that you can’t stay hidden. Your friends and foes (smiles)  will always know if you’re online or when you’re not. Not only this, they will know when last you’re online. Don’t worry, there is a fix for that. Go to menu, settings and fine last seen. You can switch it off. 
6) Starred messages : Well, this tip is new but it has tremendous advantage. Starred messages is like saving or archiving a message that you think may be of use to you later on. So, instead of copying the messages to your note apps, you can easily put them as starred messages and access them later with relative easy. Don’t underestimate this feature! Hold to highlight the message you want saved, look up for starred icon. 
7) Delivery report : After sending a message whether to a group or to person, you can easily check for delivery info. Click on the message and highlight it by holding on it. Look up and click the info icon and you can see the delivery report
8.) Popup Notifications : Sometimes this is cool, sometimes it’s not. You can give it a try, enable or disable it later as you like it. Go to settings, notification to enable or disable this. Popup notification is good if you don’t want to shuffle between your apps
9.) General Notifications : Especially if you’re in a noisy group, notifications can be very annoying. Sometimes it keeps popping on your notification bar and you can easily disable this. Notifications can also consume battery. 
10.) Use whatsapp as an Encyclopedia and Dictionary : For your information, not just any encyclopedia, it is the best encyclopedia and am talking about wikipedia free encyclopedia which is readily available if you use ‘Duta on whatsapp’. And that’s not all, you can play games, use the dictionary, get football updates (livescores), tennis livescores, cricket, and related sports news and many other things delivered to you on your whatsapp all for free.
Add +917299006290 to any whatsapp group or create a whatsapp group with you and the Duta number and follow the simple instructions. If you have any problem with this, drop your comments here i will respond ASAP.

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