Top 10 profitable Small Scale Business Ideas

Money…what we all love to make!

The problem with business in Nigeria is quite simple, low capital or little experience. There are many blogs detailing on how to make a million in 2 months. I don’t subscribe to these thoughts. I often think it’s just a way to get people to read articles. In truth, there is no easy way of making money. Every place is occupied and competitive. Nigerians should not expect miracles as every good thing in life takes time. All the business i will list here won’t make you a million in 2 months but if you are committed to them , you will surely hit gold. 
1.) Fitness Trainer : This is one business that requires little funding but however, you’ll need to have the necessary skills. Many think you’ll need to establish a gym but this is not true. I have many friends making money through aerobic exercise training. 
2.) Farming : This field is wide. I personally grew up in a family where we raised a lot of birds (chickens and turkeys) so, i have a lot of idea on this. Livestock farming is great, really great! And also profitable.
From pig farming, to livestock, or crop farming, the opportunities here are endless and it requires little amount of money for a start. 
3.) Coaching : If you have a skill set in a particular sport, why not make money teaching others? For one, you’d be doing something you love and then you will be making money doing it. As a tennis player, I make money teaching people how to play the sport and i also sell rackets, shoes etc. to players(contact me for any ).
It could be football, boxing, tennis or any other sport for you. 
4.) Blogging : You won’t make a Naira on your first day but i have to tell you this, blogging actually pays. And you don’t need much skills to start this. All you need is passion. 
5.) Web designing : This is one area where many people don’t specialize in. Yet, money is here. I have friends who don’t even blog or have a website but are making serious money designing websites for people. The good side is once you have the skills, you don’t need much cash
6.) Gamehouse : It’s no secret that Nigerians love sports, especially football. On weekends especially (and during weekdays), football fans go out to watch their favorite teams on the television and they pay for it. Why not set a gamehouse where people can watch these games? The business do require a small business capital but once you’ve started this, it’s spontaneous. 
7.) Freelance Writer : If you have writing skills, you can make serious money from it. Freelancing for different blogs and newspapers is a good source of income and you still get to be your own boss. Many can write on sports (football, soccer) or any other walk of life so why not make money doing what you love? Just do it, money may not come immediately but the pay will surely come if your work is good. You can freelance for us on or visit frelancer sites e.g
7.) Hairdressing : If you don’t know how to do this, no problem it is not too late to start learning. Many often think they’re too old or perhaps too young to learn a craft. Well, now is the best time! 
8.) Catering Services : This one is mostly for the ladies but make no mistake guys are not excluded. If you have catering skills and you’re an amazing chef, there are plethora of ways in which you can render your services for money. But you have to be patient  deliver good services and seduce your customers with great cooking skills.
You can deliver foods to banks, schools, lecturers, and so on. 
9.) Private Tutor : This is another money venture I’ve dabbled into and from my experience in it, i can tell you it is a good source of income. You will probably select the time convenient for you and may be just around 6 hours a week and you get to make cool cash. From there you can start your coaching centre and who knows, you can just start a school for yourself. 
10.) App Developers : This is another area where people ain’t really interested in, yet there is money here. If you have interest in developing softwares, programs or mobile apps, why not learn how to? If you know how to do this, you can design ebooks, apps or teach people how to do it and make money in the process.
Final note :Don’t sit and dream about your dreams, set goals and achieve them because we have dreams and we have the right to chase them. It may not make you money on day one but with perseverance and commitment, money will come.


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