The Best 5 Android Browsers That Are Free

 Browsers are way too important on our phones. They are simply a necessity .while I have discussed the best apps I have on my phone in an earlier post, I have also discussed the best video players also but this time, we will take a look at the best Android browsers available on playstore. I will highlight the pros and cons of each and you will see that no single browser is endowed with all the functions.

1.) Opera: Opera has been a veteran among mobile browsers. There are many types, Opera and Opera mobile and more which are all available on playstore for free download. Opera is fast and easy to use.


  • The rendering of web pages is quite poor on opera 
  • It’s servers are sometimes down
  • JavaScript loads poorly on Opera

best browser opera android Screenshot

2.) UCweb: This is everybody’s favorite when it comes to downloading contents from the internet. It has the best download manager. Not only that, it is rich in many features like addblock, video downloader, and a decent file manager.


  • Ucweb is very poor with page rendering
  • servers are sometimes down
  • unreliable.

Ucweb best browser

Dolphin Browser : If features is all there is to a great browser, then Dolphin is the best! The browser itself is as intelligent as dolphins. It has a lot of features like Sonar, adobe flash which many other browsers lack.

Cons :

  • The browser itself consumes lots of RAM
  • it’s unsuitable for 1gb rams or below
  • It can make your phone slow
Dolphin the Best Browser

Firefox: Firefox on windows is quite similar as that of windows. It renders pages well both in mobile and desktop versions.
Furthermore, it supports addons which makes it very useful.


  • With many addons comes many bugs. 
  • The browser is also prone to crashes 
  • it weighs heavily on the RAM

Chrome Browser : Google’s own browser is the best for me. It is always reliable unlike opera, rarely crashes like Mozilla, easy on the RAM unlike Dolphin browser and it renders pages well.


  •  It lacks the full features of Dolphins
  • No addon support
  • poor download manager.

Best browser Chrome

Which browser is the best for you? Comment below. Thanks.

Written by Alimi Taiwo Hassan for Wikeria

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