Infinix Hot Note: 5 months after

The Infinix hot note is a great device but that’s not a news any longer. It is one of the top selling devices of 2015.
A 5’5, 720p,  1gb ram and 2gb ram variants, with a 4000mah battery selling less than N30,000(less than $150). The price and specs explains it all why the device is such a success. In fact many were skeptical at first why such a good device should sell at such a cheap price. Hot note and hot pro are so common right now in Nigeria.

Am writing this blog to discuss on the phone’s performance after months of usage.


  Wear at the back of infinix hote note pro 5 months after
Wear at the back of infinix hote note pro

The wear on every phone is normal. Everything degrades only diamonds last forever. For the white it is only normal for it to pick up dirt (as it is for most of my friends ) but for the grey and copper-brown colour, the wear is not much. As for the flip case that comes with the phone the wear on it is noticeable after months but it is still okay depending on usage though.


The screen is still responsive, the colour reproduction is still great. I have a small crack at the bottom corner but i have no calibration problem so I’m using it that way.

Cracked screen and port of of infinix hote note pro of
A broken screen and port of infinix hote note pro

Many friends had to change their screen after serious cracks but this is something we are prepared for as it is not a gorilla screen glass( even the Samsungs and iPhones do have screen cracks).  One thing i find quite interesting is that the screen cracked after a fall while  the tempered glass I bought to protect the phone is intact. Funny?

This is one part of the phone that is really annoying. The performance of the phone after a 3 months is really poor. It gets sluggish, the ram optimization is poor especially on kitkat and sometimes you wonder if the device is really an octacore device. With simple optimization here and there i was able to get decent performance but i think Infinix can do better.

A broken screen and tempered glass of infinix hote note pro at
A broken screen of infinix hote note pro

On the 2GB  version, things are better. I moved to the 2gb ram as life becomes unbearable on the 1gb variant of the phone and things are looking nice. As for the camera, for some reasons it felt like the camera performance, especially the front camera has dropped.

Software  Upgrades : While am happy  with the fact that i was able to upgrade my phone from from Android 4.4.2 to Lollipop 5.1 Os it must also be noted that there are too many versions of the upgrades. In fact, it’s almost one upgrade per month like a lady’s menses since I bought the device, this is stressful especially for people with root privileges. I must however commend their efforts as the XUI developers addressed nearly all the problems we complained about. Kudos!

Verdict: If you ask me how the phone has been so far, my answer will be great. For a device less than $130 , I will say excellent! Should you buy the infinix hot note? Well, that’s left for you to decide but I will say yes!.

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