Gionee M5 mini – The Budget Phone, Perfect Battery

Gionee company is known for producing phones with good batteries and they are not ready to let us down on that realm yet. In fact, Gionee is on a great run of form. There last devices has been a hit ‘back to back’ from the Gionee M5 (with 6000mah)  to Gionee SPlus and now the Gionee M5 mini, one thing is certain 2016 will be a great year for the Indian company.
The marathon line of phones is known for good batteries with the following examples in mind
Gionee M2 -4000mah
Gionee M3- 5000mah
Gionee M3 mini- 3000mah
Gionee M5 – 6000mah
So, it’s no surprise when gionee m5 mini harbored a 4000mah battery.
Gionee M5 mini spec highlights
– 5-inch display
– 720p screen resolution
– 4000mah battery
– 2gb ram
-8MP back camera, 5mp front camera
-Android 5.1 with Amigo UI
– 16gb internal memory
-1.30ghz quad core
– Fast charge
My thoughts on the specifications
1.) The 5-inch display is just ideal for any phone. It is not too big and it is not too small. Furthermore, the ergonomics and aesthetics of the phone will be perfect. The bezels are perfect and the phone mimics the shape of Gionee M5. However, it will be expected to be less bulky and more handly due to the fact that it has a 4000mah battery as compared to gionee M5 and it is 5 inch when compared to its big cousin which is 6000mah and a big 5’5 screen. The phone’s design will be perfect.
2.) Screen
The screen is quite good. In fact, it’s perfect for the price and battery. The screen ppi(pixel per inches) will be around 294ppi which is quite good for any device (Retina Display is just 326ppi). So the screen will do well.
3.) Battery
At 4000mah any phone will do well. Only a few phones have that fire power. Infinix hot note, Gionee M2, big 6,Innjoo max all have 4000mah or slightly above and they’ve all proven to cope well with heavy users demand especially in third world countries like Nigeria where good battery is a must. From my experience with Gionee M2, I’m certain Gionee M5 mini won’t disappoint. Expect 9 hours of screen time with 3g on and medium brightness
4.) RAM and internal Memory
With a 2gb ram, multiple operations will be a breeze. And for a device armed with 16gb, this will just be enough for multimedia and games. what else, there is an option for external memory. Bravo Gionee, bravo!
The front camera is equipped with a front 5MP shutter and the back camera is an 8MP shutter. Don’t expect 20MP shots but the pictures should be ok. Just ok.
Processor and GPU
With mali 400,.don’t expect miracles. But it will hold up well.
With 1.3ghz processor, Gionee M5 mini is not the fastest phone out there but it will operate smoothly.
Android OS
The phone comes with Android 5.1 ps out of the box coated with an amigo 3.1 UI skin. There are no updates on Marshmallow yet though but till then, Lollipop is bae(smiles) well capable of giving you a smart and smooth user experience.
Fast Charge
This is more important than it seems. Fast charge is a unique ability for a device to go from 0-100 real quick. This is very important as only few people are ready to wait hours for their phones to charge especially where there is a poor power supply.
Price : This is probably the most important part, the device will sell for N30000. Considering dollar rates and other phones in the same price range, I’ll say it’s a good buy.
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