12 Android Battery Tips to keep it Longer and Healthier

Our battery power will never be enough. Whether it is iPhone or Android, whether it is a 4000mah phone or a 5000mah phone battery management will always be a challenge. One minute is it 60% and the next minute it is on 15%. Some methods have worked for me in getting the most out of my battery life so guess it’s only normal and kind that i share this. I wrote some tips for readers and I hope they will be of help.

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1.) Reduce your Screen brightness
The screen brightness is one of the biggest consumer of power on our devices. And with modern screens having retina display and 2k screen resolution, the demand on the battery gets more and more serious. If you’re not under direct sunlight  try and reduce your phones brightness. Not only will it save your battery it will also reduce the strain on your eyes. Go to settings, then to display to set screen brightness.

2.) Off your GPS and location Services
Unless you’re using GPS, or perhaps one of your important apps is using it, switch if off. GPS is a serious consumer of power as it used by many apps and must run continuously on the background for one reason or the other or maybe to detect and pinpoint your present location. What i do is to switch it off till i need it.Drop down your notification drawer to switch off your GPS or go to settings to do this

3.) Off your Bluetooth
Keeping your Bluetooth on always is a bad idea and can pose as a security risk. Hackers maybe just nearby. So aside from saving your battery juice, you have more than one reason to off your Bluetooth when not in use.

4.) Off Wi-Fi
Due to the fact that our mobiles are always searching for Wi-Fi signals when Wi-Fi is on, battery is consumed. Especially when it is searching and there is no Wi-Fi around. Switch your Wi-Fi on only when you’re using it. This can save your battery

5.) Switch to Edge
Sometimes, you don’t need serious network to get your job done. If the Edge network in your area is good, use it. 4g and 3g is a bad idea especially if your battery is running low.This simple tip goes a long way in keeping your battery for a long while

6.) Closed unused apps
Apps in background and apps that are not in use uses part of the RAM and the processor powers them to keep them running. Closing them will do you a lot of good. Not only will it save you some battery time but it will always make your phone faster

7.) Remove battery hungry apps
As a general rule uninstall any app that you’re not using or any app that you don’t want. Don’t keep them as many of them will run in the background consuming battery. You can use Titanium Backup to do this. Click here to know more on Titanium Backup

8.) Install a Battery Saver
I don’t use battery savers anymore. However, most people still need it. Most battery savers come with pre-configured profiles that can save your phone’s battery. However, it is at a cost but if saving some juice at the cost of low performance is what you can deal with, then suggest you go for it. I will recommend DU battery saver

keep your battery last on lollipop
Battery Saver On Lollipop

9.) Reduce your Screen Timeout
Setting your screen timeout to 15s is best for getting the most of your battery life. If you don’t your phone screen will be on even when not in use for a period of time and remember that screen is the biggest consumer of battery.

10.) Turn on your Battery Saver
If your phone has a battery saver, turn it on. Fortunately, most OEMs comes with a battery saver. In fact, it is now present in most android OEMs especially as it is important to maintain battery power. I don’t use it always as it switches off many phone functionality which is something i dislike but if the situation warrants it, why not?

11.) Reduce Vibration time or put your phone in Silence
Vibration is one of the best thieves of battery juice. It takes a lot of power from the battery to cause vibration. Even a ringtone is better when it comes to battery saving.

12.) Off Autosync
Email apps and social apps are always on the background auto syncing . This consumes battery a lot and you won’t even see them. Unless, you’re expecting an important email, you can switch it off or close the  apps. They run in the background consuming not only your battery but also your data!

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Written by Alimi Taiwo Hassan for Wikeria

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