Approaching Critical Matters And Finding A Befitting Solution

When you over pamper a situation or exhalt it more than necessary when you are suppose to act on it, you can never get the best solution from it. For every problem there is a solution but to every solution there are diverse principles.

Thinking to find a solution to a critical matter

The way you will approach different situations differs and that is what most of us are not fail to realize. When you try using formula A to solve equation B, you can never arrive at a good conclusion.

We face different shades and sizes of situations on daily basis, people do things at times that you would have finished reacting to them before you call yourself to order. Then later you begin to regret your actions.

People do things or ask questions most times that you get confused and thrown in-between the two walls of doubt, but when you have a good approaching skill, they will be marvelled.

Sometimes things also happen which you might have even experienced that the solution is right behind you but due to wrong approach, you tighten the situation and kick the solution far from your reach.

Manner of approach is one thing that cut across almost every sphere of a person’s life. When you have a poor manner of approach, you can never get a positive or a desired result.

Most problems has gone worst due to the manner of approach employed in the process. There has been records of people who in their quest to solve their problems jumps from fry pan to fire.

The kind of approach you give to a matter determines the result you will get. Most people instead of taking quick actions to proffer solutions to problems, they sink in fear and weep in the process which is never a solution.

You should never let your problems define you and if this will be possible, your approach must be good enough.

Too much thinking does not bring ideas, it kills action. The major reason why most relationships goes on indefinite holiday is because of poor approach to matters and as a result they spill the whole thing and take a walk.

You need to learn ways of approaching various matters or situation that crosses you. When you begin to approach matters professionally, little are the things you will have to battle of daily basis.

Practical Tips To Approach Matters

1. Patience

This is the most important of all. We can now see the major reason why the bible says, “be quick to listen but slow to give response.”

You need to understand that it is not in all situation that you try to show your ego by rushing at it. If you do, you might get things complicated. There is every need for you to always take a deep breath at every situation. You have to free your mind.

On various occasions, we have seen people who on hearing things or finding their self in a problem jump start panicking there forgetting the next line of action. You need to know that you don’t rush at things if you must avoid terrible mistakes.

Be calm, get the root or reason of the situation. There is never smoke without fire and if the smoke must be quenched, the source must be visited and patience will also help you not to pour into the source what will trigger more smoke.

So if you must really deal with a problem in away that you will smile at at the end, your initial patience is required.

Hold The Following Firmly

» You should never judge a situation on a first observation.

» You should never conclude on a situation base on its magnitude.

» You should never believe external comments until you are sure.

» You should always follow your instinct.

In situations like relationships, patience is a core course because you and your partner or others can not always carry the same mentality or temper so you have to be patience to really get things settled.

2. Bury Your Feelings

This is another vital point. Most people get the whole situation all screwed up when they allow their feelings rule them.

For you to approach situations in a good way, you need to bury your feelings and activate your brain. Somethings happen at times that if you act based on your feelings, you can harm anybody close to you.

When your feelings is at work instead of you brain, you take decision either out of pity or out of anger but when your brain is activated, the first thing it will locate is the result of both action then it uses the best one.

The best way to get a matter down before you is to take away your feelings because it can make you misjudge things. Give pity where not necessary or get angry when least needed.

Some people all in the name of being caring, loving and helpful get themselves into problems, not that this are not good but you need to see into what is at stake then explain things to the other party.

You alone will be questioned for every problem you get yourself into. Most especially in relationships, you need to use your brain also and don’t be tied down by your feelings until you are completely robbed.

3. Be Smart

Your smartness should not give room for acting like you know it all. Smartness in this context means in thinking and your smartness should work with your patience.

Truly, there are situations that warrant quick actions which must be employed but when you are not smart enough to think up the next line of action, your problem will overpower you.

In your quest to introduce your smartness, you must quickly analyse the outcome of every solution you proffer. Also in situations that has to do with relationship, you need to do less of argument and try to watch things. Make smart moves.

4. Be Yourself

There is no point trying to be somebody else. If you must handle situations successfully, you must be yourself.

Search deep into your mind and try to see something you can do you own way that will help you surmount the present situation.

The rules that works for others might burst you up, so sometime the best advice you are getting from people close to you might be the worst advice to opt in for.

5. Prayer

” if there is anything prayer can not do, it is presently not in exisistence.”

You need to always commit everything you face into prayers because that is the master key. As mortal bodies, we can not see beyond our physical eyes so we need to employ the service of someone who sees both the physical and the spiritual. One who knows the end from the beginning to take charge. And this Person is God.

So as we progress this 2016, I want us to employ this guide, life will always bring its test but we will do well to be readily prepared for it.

This is a guest post written by Kayode Oluwatobiloba Emmanuel for Kayode Oluwatobiloba Emmanuel is a writer and a student of business administration. He blogs at about motivational and inspirational articles.

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