Reasons Why You Should Drink More Water

Following the advancement in technology and improvement on the feeding habit of many nations, we tend to switch hands when it comes to the issue of water. Many now fill the places of water with different liquid that to them is more nutritional so to say.

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Many people prefer taking other liquids like beverages, bear, minerals fruit drinks etc. A typical example of this trend is seen even among mothers that seem to forget the role of water even in the growth of their kids. For instance, the launch box of children attending nursery school often have soft drinks and beverages but rarely water. Could they have forgotten the need for water or do they think that drinks and beverages serve the purpose of water?

The average youth or adult often engage themselves in taking beer, beverages and drinks more frequently than they take water. For example, in a hot day; we consume more fluids aside water like lacasera, fanta, coke, pepsi, nutri- milk etc and just 0 or 1% of water.

In schools drinking water doing lunch is now seen as an act of being poor and consuming soft drinks or beverages as being rich. It seem we do not to know the need to drink enough water so in this article I will open our eyes to reasons why you should drink more water.

Drinking water help keep body balance

The human body comprises of about 60% of water and taking enough water helps keeps balance. In a hot environment hydration is unavoidable and to strike balance is through taking enough water.

Helps flush out toxins

Catabolism produces waste which if not excreted from the body becomes toxins. Water among all other elements is a major factor that helps flush out this toxins and wastes from the body through urination and sweating.

Improves skin complexion

Drinking enough water keeps the body hydrated and hydration helps improve skin complexions and also helps avert ill conditions of the skin.

Maintain regularity of body functions

One of the major process that necessitate health in humans is termed homeostasis and without enough water this process is distorted which may in turn lead to ill health and diseases.

Prevents and heal headache

One of the major causes of headache and back pain is dehydration, so taking enough water proffers a natural remedy to head aches and back pains too.

Helps regulates the acid–base content of the body

Fluctuation in the acid base content of the body many times leads to ill health, so drinking enough water helps maintain this balance and invariably prevent some of this ill health.

Helps ensure healthy organs

To some extent the health of our internal organs depends on the water content of the body. The kidney, stomach and liver need enough water to help them in carrying out their functions without much ado. But in the absence or reduction of the water content of the body, this leads to strain in this organs and can thus lead to organ diseases which will in turn lead to ill health. So taking enough water helps maintain organ health and in turn total body health.

In conclusion, there are beneficial reasons why drinking enough water pays than taking alternative liquids, drinks, beverages and beer. Reduce the intake of such now and increase intake of water as it serves more health. Remain healthy.

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