6 Travel Tips For First Time Air Travellers

Most people do not forget their first time of everything. I believe that the first time by air travel is the same. Many people are afraid of it, but they are optimistic that all will be well, and look forward to it.

For sure it may be scaring, but you do not have to worry much. Before your trip, you should take the time to read about experiences from other people. It may help much especially if you read about people that you know. You, however, do not have to concentrate on other peoples experiences but should be keen to prepare for your flight. Avoid negative thoughts as this may influence your flight negatively or even lead to canceling of a journey out of unfounded fears.

a warning or caution sign for first time travellers
A caution sign for travellers

Travel information is always tentative to change and thus need to be confirmed from time to time.

Book your Ticket 

Once you have made your mind that you are travelling, you should take the time to book your ticket. If you reside in a country with many airplane agencies or companies, take your time to choose between them. Being the first time, ask around and read reviews about the airline that you wish to use. This raises your confidence as you will settle on the one that you are most comfortable.

There are, however, some factors that may influence your decision. These factors include cost, security, travel policies, comfort and destination of travel. Always book a ticket in time. This gives you a better opportunity to obtain a ticket and increases a chance of getting a discount. You can book your ticket online or through various travel agents.

Prepare adequately for flight

The most important thing is to make sure that you have all the travel documents required for air travel. Domestic flights require fewer documents than international flights. Also, confirm that all your documents are valid and up to date.

Another important preparation is making sure that the luggage you intend to carry complies with the requirements of the airlines and the destination you are visiting.

At times, you may be required to pay an extra fee if the weight exceeds the set standards but this will differ depending on the airline. Importantly you need to look into the weather and culture of your destination place.

Check in

Make sure to get to the airport in time. For international travel, three hours or more in advance is a good time. Once the flight is open, you will show your ticket and identification to the checking officer, and you will be issued with a boarding pass. In case you have any luggage, it will be received, checked, and you will be issued with a receipt.


While in the airport, you need to be alert for any travel information. Proceed to the departure lounge where you will be subjected to security checks. If you pass the inspection, the officer will stamp your hand carry if you have any and the boarding pass. Next is the immigration department where your documents will be verified. After you satisfy all these, you can wait to board the plane.

Inside the flight

Once inside the aircraft, you have to sit on the seat with the number on your boarding pass. In the case of small planes, there may be no sitting arrangement. You, however, need to be on the lookout for the priorities for women and senior persons.

After you are seated, the cabin crew will take you through some safety measures. After that, the journey may begin. There is the seat belt signal that you are not supposed to stand when it is on. While taking off, it will be on, and noise may increase. Once the plane is stable, the signal will go off, and you can visit the latrine then and take some food.

Landing and reception

When landing, the seatbelt will be on. There will be excessive noise when the plane touches the runway, and the noise will reduce as the speed of the aircraft reduces. Do not undo your seat belt even when the plane has stopped until the seat belt signal goes off.

Once you alight you will go to the immigration department in the case of international travel. Your documents will be checked and after that, you can go and claim your luggage. It is important to have made prior arrangements for someone to meet you at the airport. This can be from your hotel or the place that you are visiting.


It is important to prepare adequately for a flight. Keep following travel information news in case anything changes. If you have all documents ready, then I don’t think you will have any problem.

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